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Kinki Amibari founded in 1916 is the oldest manufacturer of bamboo knitting needles in Japan. The industry started with bamboo ribs to stretch and dry kimonos and moved to the handcraft area. Of the 300 kinds of bamboos in Japan. KA uses only two kinds of the finest aged bamboo, superior in density, flexibility color and gloss, giving the needles a lightweight and warm feeling. As you use these needles they become even smoother. Bamboo is an environmental friendly resource. The New case comes in new fabrics and has plastic sleves to hold the needles preventing them from slipping out of the case



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KA Exchangeable Circular Bamboo Needles in Fabric Case - Expanded Standard Set 2 -13
12-pair needle tips, 4 and 5 inch needles. Cord joins M1.8, M2, M4. , 8 cords, & fabric case

A Total variation 64 sizes / 13 transparent pockets.

Expanded Set - Needle Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13
Cord Lengths - 16, 24. 26" 29, 32, 36, 34" 37", 43", 45" 51", 53"
Set makes 64 sizes and includes 12 pair of 4"/5" needle tips,8 cords, 3 cord joins - M1.8, M2, M4 and 13 pocket fabric case. Individual cords,

Additional needles and joins may be purchased. separately

KA Exchangeable ML -Medium - Large Set 5-15

Set Includes: 10 pair Bamboo Needles sizes 5-15
5 cords with two different sized connectors , M2, M4

small connectors fit 5-10.5 / lg fit 11-15

Can make 39 different sets,


short 2 iNCH tips make it possible to make circular needles as short as 9 , 23cm. inches usiing a 5" cable, which are perfect for knitting socks, hats. or anything with a small circumference

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4 Inch Tips
4 Inch Tips
2 inchM1.8 tips
2 inch M2 Tips
Optional Cord Set

The expanded Optional Cords set
Includes 8 cords M1.8 (8", 16"), M2 (8", 16" 21"), M4 (8" 16" 28")
and M1.8, M2, M4 stoppers

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Exchangeable Cords M1.8, M2, M4

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Older sets had M1.6 ends for sizes 0 - 3 This size has been disconinued. All new cords and tips sold in sets and individualy wil have M1.8 ends and will not be compatable with the M1.6 ends. If you have an older set you will need to replace both the tips and the cords
cord length alone, not including needle tip: 5", 8", 12" M2 (31.5 for needles #5-#8 to use with large projects or "magic loop

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KA Exchangeable Circular Needle"S" Set (Small Set)
(M1.8) Needles Sizes 1, 2, 3
Set includes 3 pair 4" needle tips, 3 cords, 1 cord join and fabric case with 13 pockets. Cord lengths: 8",16",21.5" plus combine any two to make addtional lengths
Add to you set with additional tips, cords, joins and connectors available individually and sold separately.

KA Exchangeable Circular Needle Short length Large Set

(2″NEEDLE TIPS) 10 Sizes

Tips 1-3 (M1.8 screw) plus three cord length 5", 8", 12"
Tips 4-8 (screw size M2) plus cords 5", 8", 12"
Tips 9-10 (screw size M4) Plus cords 5", 8", 12"

 and a 16 pocket fabric case.
Size 0, extra cords, and cord joiners available individually.


KA Double Pointed Set

6 sets x 5 pieces (6"/15cm needles)

Sizes 0 (2.0mm), 1 (2.25mm), 2 (2.75mm), 3(3.25mm), 4 (3.50mm) 5 (3.75mm)


KA Exchangeable Circular needle Set "M" - Medium Set

A smaller set of needles. the M-set contains

Please note that this set has # 4 points the larger set starts with # 5
5 pair of needle points #4, 5, 6, 7, 8
and 3 cords:8".16", 21.5," and one cord join to make addtional length cords by joining two cords


Miniature Series
Set contains:
4" Double Point Needles in sizes:0, 1, 2 ,3 ,4, 5 2 5" Aluminum Crochet Hooks sizes 2.00mm and 3.00mm
2 - 9" circular needles 23cm, size 0 and 1
and an Accessory Kit containing
rubber Point protectors
yarn darning needles
marking pins
and a set of mini bamboo knitting needles great for picking up dropped stitches. Cases available in same patterns as large set

KA Flex Crochet Hook Set

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Wooden Stoppers
The perfect addition to your exchangeable set. Stoppers come in a set of two
M1.8 fit matching cord (needles 0-10; m2 small ends (fit needles 4-8); M4, large cord ends (fits needles 9-15)
M1.6 has been discontinued and is no longer available
Remove the needles and attach the stoppers and you have a stitch holder without transferring your stitches or use two cords with a stopper on each to make straight flex needles

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Cord Joins
are available in sizes to match the the needle and cord ends. the cord joins are used to attach two cords to make one long cord. they come two in a package. M1.6 has been discontinued and we have sold out completely. M1.8 will not fit the older M1.6 cords

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Needle to Cord Converters
allows you to join the larger needles to the next size smaller cord end. The come M4 to M2 and M2 to M1.6
*Please note that needles 0-3 can be used with M1.8 cords only and the M1.6 and M1.8 are not the same. the M1.8 are the newer cords and connectors and the M1.6 are discontinued and no longer available

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KA Double Point Knitting Needle Set 6"/15cm

5 needles per size! Double point knitting needle sets in Dragonfly Red/Black fabric case . Premium eco-friendly bamboo, warm and lightweight, superior density/flexibility. Elegantly tapered tips are well rounded and a pleasure to knit with. Polished satin finish that becomes even smoother with use. Perfect gift for the avid sock knitter.

Set 1: 6 sets sizes: 6 / 4.25mm, 7 / 4.5mm, 8 / 5.0mm, 9 / 5.5mm, 10 / 6.0mm, 10.5 / 6.5mm
Set 2: 12 sets sizes, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 10.5

    Asymetric Differential Needles

    Asymetric Circular Needle exclusive original 9.5" were developed for use with sock yarn,and working in the round for small projests like sleeves and socks and are available in diameters from US 0 to US 10 (2.00mm to 6.00mm).

  • Asymmetric Circular Needles have a short needle and a long needle.
  • Put the stitches on the short needle and work through with the long needle.
  • Since the moving needle is longer it is easier to hold, making these suited for small circular projects (such as socks and sleeves).
  • KA Classic Bamboo 9.5" Circular Needles are made from select Japanese bamboo
9.5 inch needles

KA Single Point Straight Bamboo Knitting Needles

Wonderful #8 bamboo needles that improve as you use them. 9 inch needles are the perfect length for knitting scarves


KA Circular Knitting Needles

KA is the oldest maker of bamboo knitting needles in Japan. These needles get smoother and nicer to work with the more you use them. The join is smooth and swivels. If you enjoy knitting with bamboo needles these will quickly become your favorite brand. Besides being wonderful they are also very reasonably priced.

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KA Classic Double Point Bamboo Needles

6" double pointed Bamboo Needles set of 5 pieces


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