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Our Snuggle is made of Super Stretchy Knitted Fabric
Each Package Contains 2 Snuggles
A Snuggle easily holds up to 450 yards of sock yarn
Snuggles stretch over your yarn and snuggle them down to the very last bit
keeping your yarn neat and clean
Best used with a center pull cake, ball or skein of yarn
Perfect for knitting on the go
or keeping an extra ball wound and ready to use
Great for color work or knitting two at a time (socks, sleeves, sweater fronts)

Reusable and washable

$11.00 package of 2


Knitting Barber Cords : Hollow cables to use as stitch holders.

Hollow Silicone cables that fit over the tip of your kntting needles to hold your stitches. Press the end of the cable on to the tip of the needle and gently slip the stitches to the cable for holding, and vice versa for placing the stitches back on to the needles.
Can be used for sleeves or body when trying on a garment, holding neck or shoulder stitches, great for travel or when you need a busy needle for a new project? Made from Silicone the cords will attach and grip your needle tip for easy transfer of stitches.
Sold as a set of three cables 1 - 60"(150cm) cord and 2 - 30" (75cm) cords in a tin box.

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Patchwork Frog Swatch Gauge

We love things bright and shiny. Attach our little i inch gauge to your key chain and always be ready to check your stitch and row gauge.

Yarn Ball Stitch Marker Tin with Tiny Scissor

Each Tin Contains 12 Yarn Ball markers and I Pair of Puppy Snips (Assorted colors)

View additional Stitch Markers,          View additional Scissors

Katrinkles Mini Tools

Everything you need right at your finger tips. These mini tools come on a key chain. You can clip them onto a lanyard or attach to a clip to keep with your projects.

These mini tools will help you remember yarn instructions or wraps per inch needle or crochet hook sizes and so much more

pick your tools

Katrinkles Increase-Decrease Markers

It is easy to get confused about left and right increases and decreases. Was that decrease supposed to be a SSK? a K2tog? or a S1K1PSSO? Should this increase be a YO? a M1R? or a M1L? Let these stitch markers tell you what to do! Place these markers at crucial points in your knitting and you'll have a handy reminder.

Each set of markers comes with six different stitch markers, made of birch

  • Approximate Size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8”

Instruction Markers

A useful tool for following a knitting pattern. Use them when teaching sweater classes or when knitting your own projects. Each set of 6 markers comes with five different instructions.

    RS: Right Side, BOR: Beginning of Round, Sleeve, Front, Back

Katrinkles Acrylic Stitch Markers

Stitch markers in RAINBOW acrylic! If you've ever had to cast on hundreds of stitches for a blanket or a sweater and lost track halfway through, you need these numbered stitch markers in your life! Comes in a set of 6: three 100 markers and 1 each of 25, 50 and 75. Available on rings or removable bulb-shaped safety pins.

Approximate Size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8”

Stitch Count Markers

Katrinkles Wooden Number Markers

The same as the acrylic markers above but made of Birch. Comes in a set of 6: three 100 markers and 1 each of 25, 50 and 75. Available on rings or removable bulb-shaped safety pins.

Approximate Size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8&rdquo
Made in USA from locally sourced birch plywood and assembled and finished by hand Providence, RI.

Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each stitch marker may vary slightly. 

Birch Number Markers

Right Side- Wrong Side Best Friends

Do you ever get confused. Can't remember if you are looking at the right side or wrong side of your project? These cute markers can clip right on to your work. They are also handy if you are working on two sleeves or two fronts of a sweater at the same time.


Chiagoo Nostepinne: or Nest Stick is a wonderful tool to add to your collection. It is an old Norwegian hand tool used to wind a center pull ball of yarn. This one is approximately 11 inches long, Light weight and portable. Pack it in you bag or luggage. Easier to use than your thumb or cardboard roll and you don't have to find a place to clamp you ball winder . Wind any yarn thick or thin and there is no tension on the yarn. See how to use it

out of stock

Ilovehandels Wrist Rulers

Click here for styles, colors and more information

Fob Ruler

A key chain with a 6 inch leather ruler

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The Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit is a notions caddy for essential knitting needs. Made of an unbreakable flexible rubber, the Tool Kit combines an Akerworks Swatch Gauge, a pair of Little Gems mini-scissors, and a tape measure. There are magnetized notions pockets for stitch markers, darning needles, and more. The Tool Kit also functions as a knitting needle gauge, with measuring slots for common metric and US needle sizes. click here for larger image and more information If you already own the Gauge you can purchase just the tool kit and snap your gauge on

**Swatch Gauge Alone ; Extra Marking Pins Crystalettes, Needle Jewel, Safety Pins

Ez Pz Ruler

The last gauge ruler you'll ever need,

EZ PZ Gauge magnifies your stitches at 2x magnification so they're easier to see.  Marked every 1" on top and every 1/2 inch on bottom for a 4" section, you'll easily be able to keep your place as you count stitches.  Knitters and crocheters alike will love how easy it is to measure gauge with the EZ PZ Gauge Ruler

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Knitters Pride Nostepinne

Made of finely sanded Beech wood, 12 inches long and weights just 2 oz this tool is perfect for carrying in your project bag or to pack in your suitcase to make a nice center pull skein without using a ball winder. Here is a link to a video that shows you two different methods of ball winding to create one with an egg shaped ball or a cake using a nostepinne..

Chiagoo Needle Swatch Gauge Square and Conversion Tool

The one tool every person who knits or crochets should have. this dual sided plastic square puts all the information you need into one handy tool. One side is for knitting and the other for crochet. It has holes to determine needle or crochet hook size. Want to know which crochet hook is the same as you knitting needle, just pick the correct hole on this square. There is a chart to convert US to MM and also for UK. It gives you the weight for yarn from 0 to 7 and tells you the most recommended needle or hook size and the stitches to 4" you will get if yo are trying to pick the right yarn for a pattern and there is a ruler that allows you to check your gauge.
Total size 5.5 x 5.5

Make your own Travel Lanyard
The solution to digging in your bag for the tools that you need
First pick the lanyard that you love and then accessorize with the tools that you need and use. The lanyard can attach to the strap of your bag with the Carabeneer clap or can be slipped on over your wrist
You can even attach your keys

ADD ACCESSORIES click on item they need to be selected one at a time
Stitch Graber, TapeMeasure chose either 36" or 60 inch, Stitch Marker Clip Puppy,kitty or Octopus Snips (scissors), needle gauge

Aluminum Carabiner D Shaped Buckle 3" and 1.75" and Mini(1.5 inches)with Key Ring

Use this to attach your travel lanyard to you knitting bag or to hang your small project bag through your belt loop for you project on the go Add your keys and everything is in one place

Stitch Grabber Repair Hook 3.0 MM

Hook this handy tool to your key chain or Travel lanyard. Eliminate the need to search through your tool kit. Total hook length 4"

Needle Gauge

Click here to see all the needle gauge we carry

Crochet Measuring Tapes

Put a little fun into your project bag

Pick you "FAV"

you can never have too many cute tapes

Owl, Black Sheep, Birthday Cake, Sock Monkey, Penguin, Yellow, Blue or Red Flower, Bumble Bee Bee, Leaf , Lady Bug

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Retractable Tape Measure on Key Chain

Add this to your key ring or Travel Lanyard, Retractable tape is 36 inches long

Retractable Tape measure on Key Chain

60 inches long

Stitch Marker Clip

Slip your stitch markers on the clip and they will be ready when you need them Easy to slip on and off the clasp

Yarn Coaster by Aggies Arts

Colorful, handcrafted Yarn Coaster to hold your yarn balls. Measures 1/2" thick x 4" in diameter. Each Coaster is different, no two are alike.
Aggie's Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Ugandan women and their families develop financial independence. Mary Moran of The Knitting Zone learned of Aggie’s Arts through friends and immediately thought “This is a way that we can give back to a community that is struggling” All proceeds from the sales of Aggies’s Arts products go directly back to Aggie’s Arts to aid the artists and their community.
But besides giving back to a community in need you will love these coasters because they are portable. They are made of laminated paper with a wooden dowel and are perfectly sized to hold a 100 gram yarn ball. Easily disassembled, it can even travel with you!

Swatch Gauge

Click here to see all the Katrinkles that we stock

Nirvana Row Tracker

Never again get confused about your increases, decrees or row count.

Set of 3 assorted colors

Each laminated paper tracker measures

2 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch including wheels

easy to attach to your knit or crochet project using a pin marker through the hole at the end of the tracker

click to enlarge

Hiya Hiya Accessory Gift Set

This gift set contains 1 each of the following items,
Accessory Case
Locking Stitch Markers
Cable Needle 3-pack
Point Protectors
Stitch Holder 3-pack
Knitter's Safety Pins
Darn It Darning Needles 3-pack
Puppy Snips
Kitty Snips
Panda Li Tape Measure
Needle Gauge

The Accessory case measures approximately 9.5" x 6" and is fully lined with an interior zipper pocket, and is available in assorted colors.


Yarn Leader

Use these smooth yarn leaders for

provisional cast on or life lines

to make easy work of removing the waste yarn. Can be used over and over.

Choose either thick (2 cords) or Thin (5 cords)

Each cord is approximately 9 feet

Hiya Hiya Stitch Holders - 2 Pack

This 3 pack of stitch holders in assorted colors will make sure that you have whichever size you need for almost any project. Stitch holders are approximately 2" , 3" and 5" long.

set of three

Susan Bates Finishing Needles-Value Pack

This is the tool you need to weave in those tiny ends. Each needle has a large center opening that separates easily to allow you to thread in your yarn end. The Needle has two pointed ends and the yarn slides freely from one side to the other allowing you to weave ends in either direction even if your yarn tail is short.

Set of 5 Assorted Sizes. You Tube Video


Are you ever not sure of how many times you did and increase or if you did it on both sides of your work? Do you keep track of what you are doing on a piece of paper that you often loose? This is the solution

Great way to keep track of increases, decreases right side of work K2tog,SSK


attach them to your knitting with a safety pin or locking marker

sold out

Needle Twister Dispenser

A clever magnetic dispenser for storing and releasing steel needles and pins for easy selection and pick up. For needles up to 2-1/2". Works like a lipstick container. A simple twist raises the needle out of the case, fanning them out for easy selection. Design award winner.

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See all scissors

Chica Travel Lanyard with Key Ring


attach all your tiny tools using clips and carabanas


top: L-R- Calico Kitties, Baby socks
bottom L-R- Yarn Ball Sheep, Knit Purl
click on each pattern picture to see it larger

miPattern Pattern Wallets
The miPattern Wallet has a sturdy, fold-over design with an anti-glare vinyl page protector on one side and a unique and fun pattern on the other. A pattern printed on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper easily slides into the page pocket so you can see the pattern through the vinyl. Fold the wallet closed and snap it shut to take it on the go or fold it the other way and snap it open so it stands up allowing you to read the pattern while you knit. -- The single fold design means you only need to turn the wallet once as you knit and the easel extender design means that no matter which side of the pattern you're working from the miPattern Wallet is always in the right position. The way we designed this wallet- you are able to keep more than one pattern stashed inside and at the ready.--- The anti-glare vinyl can even be written on using wet erase marker so you can keep the pattern itself clean when you need to make a quick note and the wallet even has a zipper pouch to keep those emergency needles, hooks or small scissors on hand..Click on the video to see it demonstrated. Magnets are not included


Knitters Pride Magma Pattern Holder

  • This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a “must-have” for lace knitters, especially Convenient tool for keeping patterns close and easy to readEasy to fold and unfold for storage; Lays flat when folded Can stand upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally Snap closure insures that materials inside stay neat and extremely strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place One extra long magnet strip also works as an indicator guide Handy pocket holds patterns and charts Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand
  • Black ploy-jacquard fabric is sturdy and easy to keep clean

Dimensions (in open position): 35cm x 26.25cm (14" x 10½")

Vetiver Natural Moth Repellent

The botanical name of vetiver is Vetiveria Zizanoides or Andropogon Muricatus. Vetiver root is extensively used in the perfumes, cooling, food and beverage industries. This grass has a very pleasant, mild, earthy, and musky smell. and one of it's properties is keeping insects away. The best Vetimer is grown in Haiti in the mountainsides to prevent erosion caused by devastating deforestation.

Vetiver root is a natural moth repellent.Fill closets, drawers
or yarn stash with fragrant vetiver.

HTI 402M Vetiver Heart. - 3" x 3"

HTI 401M - Vetiver Lamb - 4 1/2"

HTI 403 / 3 pack balls - 2" each

Lint Remover Sheets and Fabric Wash Gift Sets
Ultra convenient, lint removers. Perfect for your purse, car, or office. Simply peel off the back and then pat it on your garment to remove unwanted lint, The packet is just under 3" square and You get 2 packets of 20 sheets each Great for the knitter on the go

Eucalan Fabric Wash Gift Sets Great for all your hand knits and delicates and perfect for travel Set contains 5/ 3.3 oz travel size bottle each a different scent-eucalyptus, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, unscented


Panda Point Protectors

from Hiya HIya

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Enables a knitter to repair garter stitch fabric as easily as stockinette … And of course it also works on seed stitch or other patterns. It simply allows you to knit or purl with the same tool from the front of the work with a single device.

Available in two sizes, original and lace

the original Fix-A-Stitch™ has 3 sizes of tiny double ended hooks in each package, approximate needle sizes:

Knit Klips by Susan Bates

Package of 10

Susan Bate's Knit Klips will keep your knitting in place for seaming, adding embellishments, or anything you need you need to keep your knitting in place! Pack of 10.
Please note: This product comes in assorted colors. The color you receive may vary from the color shown.


Knitters Pride Needle Cable Marker Tags

When you need that needle for another project slide the needle marker tag on to your needle and cap the ends so you know what size needle you were using.


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Baggu Reusable Tote Bag

Light weight, durable, folds flat
easily carried in your purse or knitting bag
Comes with its own pouch for storage
Unfolded 13.19"x 22.83" (33.5cm x 58cm)
Folded 4.33"x 4.33" (11cm x 11 cm)

Material: polyester

Cute Nylon Rose Reusable Bag

folds into the rose for easy storage open 15.7 x 16.5. Straps are long enough to carry comfortably on your shoulder.

They have a clip that can attach to your belt loop or strap of your purse when closed. Great for shopping, gym and the beach as well as your knitting projects

Available in many colors

Cute Strawberry Reusable Bag

folds into the corner strawberry for easy storage open 15.7 x 16.5. Straps are long enough to carry comfortably on your shoulder. Inside bag purple.


Hiya Hiya Point Protectors

Set of 4 in package fits most common needle sizes


Needles and Needle Threaders

Assorted sizes and types

click here to see selection and place order

Yarn Threaders



Cable Stitch Holders

Assorted sizes and types

click on link to see selection and place order

Nirvana Double Ended Mini Crochet Hooks

This set of 4" double ended crochet hooks is a wonderful addition to your knit and crochet tools. Can be used as a repair tool or a cable needle. The set includes 3 hooks

c/d( 3mm), G(4mm), H(5mm)

no longer avaialbe

Knitter's Pride Repair Hooks

Knitter's Pride Repair hooks are wonderful accessory for all knitters and crocheters. Repair mistakes and pick up dropped stitches with perfect ease. The laminated birch wood repair hooks have a hook on one side and needle on the other, and come in a set of three sizes:
US 4/E (3.5mm), US 7 (4.5mm) and US 9/I (5.5mm)

KA Mini Bamboo Crochet Hook
This little crochet hook is the perfect answer to picking up dropped stitches, weaving in loose ends or just because it is so cute you just have to have one (or more). Made of the same wonderful bamboo as all the other KA products this mini hook is #3.25MM, just 2.75 inches long and comes in it's own plastic carry sleeve. Pair this with some KA Heart Shaped markers, a cute measuring tape, a brass stitch and needle gauge and needle charm markers and a mini sweater key ring for a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.


Susan Bates Silvalume Handi Tool

This tiny tool has one pointed end (#3 knitting needle) and the other end is a crochet hook. Made of steel this is a very handy tool to have in your tool bag. It is slightly less than 4 inches long and has a flat area in the center for a better hold

KA Mini Bamboo Knitting Needles
These little knitting needles are not just cute they are a great little tool to help you pick up stitches, can be used as cable holders and are easy to carry in your knitting bag because they are small. Made of the same wonderful bamboo as all the other KA products they are just 2.75 inches long and come in their own plastic carry sleeve.


Knitter's Pride Clicky

Necklace Style Row counter. Clicky has a smiley face.

Keep track of your row count by an easy "click" of the top button. Has a lock so that when you put the row counter in your project bag you won't loose your count..

Bamboo Marking Pins

Set of 10 Pins the perfect tool for holding your knit or crochet parts together for sewing

$4.00 Temporaily Out of Stock

Multi colored Knitting Marking Pins

KA package of 10 metal metal marking pins approximately 2.5 inches long with colored ends perfect for holding your knitting pieces in place for sewing or marking the spot to sew on buttons


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